Friday, August 17, 2012

Processed Through Sort Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)

This is what you don't want to see... (today is August 17, it's been in "ISC" all week)

Processed Through Sort Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) should take about one day. Anything more and your package will most likely be in customs hell indefinitely.

I didn't even order anything illegal... but I am super anxious to get these packages in since they have the last few things I need to get airborne: my new flight computer the Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board. Yay!

Here's what I've done so far:
  1. Contact USPS Customer Service on the phone.
  2. Contact USPS Customer Service via web form:
    1. Inquiry Type: Problem
    2. Receiving Mail
    3. No Delivery / No Attempt
    4. I Did Not Receive a Specific Item
    5. Fill out the form.
  3. Contact the foreign shipper and ask them to investigate.
I found some phone numbers to call:

I'll make some calls tomorrow and Monday and update you with my findings.

Some of the internets are saying that once the package is in ISC it is already passed customs and is in the "international sorting center". Hopefully that's true, and I only have to deal with USPS and not US Customs.

Although the tracking info never updated from being in the ISC the package simply arrived a few days later. Sure it took around 8 days to arrive, but at least it arrived.

This has happened to a bunch of my packages from China. Their tracking doesn't get updated after they arrive in ISC until about 5 days later when they arrive at my door.


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  2. so, what do you recommend i do? mine is stacked. !

  3. Any idea's on how to get my package from ISC New York? it has been there since February 18 2014, Usaully only takes two more New Yorks, about three days, then is sent on its way, but it isn't budging, was told by my post office there's nothing I can do. I really wanted the Bracelet and Bracelet holder.

  4. I have the same problem. A major USPS facility in my area told me, rightly or wrongly, that my item was still in Customs notwithstanding the "processed through" indication online and that there is nothing it or I can do.

  5. I have a package that I sent to Brazil stuck in NY since 02/27/14. Why a package goes from Florida to NY to Brazil? Usually goes to Miami, then Brazil. I'm really frustrated with this situation.

  6. My package is stucked in ny since 1st of march...when I track it tells me the package is on transit to my destination and is a month now I haven't heared anything or update of my package. The local post office tells me they have no control and they haven't received my package...what do I do with this situation..should I file for my insurance claim since I insured the package.

  7. Guys, you talking about packages envelope (business size, which is regular #10 size) coming from Russia with two paper train tickets stock in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) with the status "Processed Through Sort Facility" for almost 3 weeks already, to be exact from March 21st 2014. I called USPS on April 8th 2014 for request and when they called me back from USPS they said ridiculous statement that my envelope has to pass the American custom that takes from 3 to 6 weeks, and they cannot do anything about it. My questions is what do they exactly check in the envelope with two tiny tickets? My parents are going to leave the country soon, so they need those tickets so badly NOW! I think they either lost my envelope or want us to spend more money on express services that USPS offer. I'm very upset with them now.

  8. Seriously... why are you getting mad at USPS when they don't work for Customs. Customs a different department that USPS doesn't employ. Get mad at the right department.

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    2. BUT if there are a thousand different departments (and) some with phone #s and some without and/or phone #s that can't reach anyone because they're not answering the &^$# phone, then it makes it nearly (IMPOSSIBLE) for the customer to get ANYWHERE with his/her problem so please, put yourself in (their) shoes for once. Also here's a couple of English expressions for you. #1; 'If it works, (don't) fix it.' #2; K.I.S.S./'Keep it simple stupid'. In other words, humans love to complicate the (&%##@% out of things when they (need) to keep the lines of communication (open), ESPECIALLY when it comes to customer service and if they don't, they come across as cowardly criminals who like to be doing illegal things behind the scenes (and) then trying to hide it from the public. No one can escape God's eye though and there WILL be a day of punishment for (ALL) those who do wrong whether they get away with their crimes or not.

  9. A letter was sent to me from Israel on 11/27/14 with a tracking number. It never arrived to my address in AZ so I checked with USPS online tracking and it indicated "Processed Through Sort Facility ISC New York (USPS) on November 30 2014." When I called USPS they said it had been passed to Customs (note the letter contains a personal document only good for me and is of no monetary value). I contacted Customs and was told "It may be with them but they do not have a tracking number nor do they check on USPS tracking numbers so it could be with them for 45 days and I may see it sometime! In other words they are not responsible nor accountable for my letter! Today is 20 December 2014.
    I recommend that people do not use USPS tracking mail and instead use a courier such us Fedex or UPS.